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New to the HELUKABEL portfolio: Pre-assembled, highly flexible HDMI cables

Neue HDMI-Kabel

HELUKABEL is expanding its product portfolio with new media technology. Highly flexible, pre-assembled HDMI cables for transmitting picture and sound are now available. These cables have multiple screening layers which enable transmission speeds up to 18 Gbit/s and are available in lengths from 0.5 to 20 metres.

The HDMI port has long since been the standard for picture and sound transmission in not only private, but also public and commercial sectors. It is continuously finding use in new applications, such as in conference rooms, in train stations and airports, for public viewing events, or in private residences for home theatres, TVs, and gaming consoles. Connection-ready cables complete with the appropriate HDMI connectors make up the bulk of the demand, which is why these cables are now available in the HELUKABEL range of products. These cables are ready to use and quickly available to customers in precisely the length you need. Its high flexibility makes the HDMI cable an excellent choice for tight spaces or mechanical loads. The multiple screening layers prevent disruptions in transmission and to the electromagnetic compatibility.

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