Metal-Exchange Listing

The metal-exchange listings are of great importance for the cable and wire industry. Below you can find the current and past values of copper, copper (MK) free cutting brass (MS58), aluminium, nickel and silver.

Metal-Exchange Listing

Dear business partners,

as announced on 11.02.2022, there will be no more publication of the DEL- and Alu-Rate in cables from 14.02.2022 on. To be able to continue working with you in the future without major changes, we hereby inform you about the further procedure and the new calculation basis.

The base and hollow prices agreed with you are not affected by the change and remain valid.

We will publish our metal prices on our website starting from 14.02.2022 and take these prices on the following day as the basis for calculating the orders. That’s how our metal agreements can continue to be applied.

From now on we will calculate the metal rates as per below:

  • For copper, we will calculate based on the rates published on Westmetall from the previous day (lower / upper Copper WM-Notiz) + 1% delivery charge.
  • For aluminum, we will calculate based on the respective official LME rates, which are fixed in US-$ on each trading day. These prices can be found e.g. on the website London Metal Exchange (
    • Aluminum: LME official price (Cash Settlement Offer/Ask) for aluminum in US-$
  • We will convert this US-$ rate into € based on the EZB-Fixing (14:15). The website for this is
  • For the cathode premiums we will use the usual market premiums until further notice.

We ask for your understanding for this very short term change and are at your disposal for further questions with your known contact persons.